Samsung Knox gets the nod from UK government

Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOXComing a year after the US Pentagon certified the Galaxy S4 as a capable device for use by the US Defence Agencies and months after word went round that the White House was also testing some Samsung Galaxy models for use, the UK government has given the greenlight for the use of certain Samsung Galaxy devices that have Knox support.

These devices, the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and the new Galaxy S5 are now certified for official use by UK government agencies as per a new  End User Devices (EUD) Security Guidance published.

Such moves by governments around the world spell doom for Blackberry’s continued hold on the coveted enterprise market where some of its biggest clients namely corporates and governments around the world have slowly been switching to competing brands like the iPhone made by Apple and the Galaxy smartphones from Samsung. We have seen a lot of interest in conquering the enterprise market by Nokia Microsoft through updates to its Windows Phone OS and placing its Lumia line of smartphones as corporate-user friendly. Of course this move by the UK government is a big boost to Samsung which has been serious with Knox in the last two years and just rolled out Knox 2.0 to the Galaxy S5 recently.

Competitors like LG are also keen on the same market with LG still trying out its GATE solution while others like Apple have benefited immensely from company BYOD programmes that have most employees who also happen to prefer the iPhone bring it to the workplace.


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