Leak alert: New Samsung custom skin could have this home screen


We’ve all see what Samsung did with its new line of “Pro” tablets: that new Magazine interface. That coupled with never-ending rumours about an impending overhaul of Touchwiz as we know it lend credence to everything that leaks in that direction. It may or may not be the final thing but you simply can’t ignore it. Here’s what @evleaks uncovered:

samsun new ui or not

This is a follow up to this earlier “leak”.

While that leak of what is purpoted to be the new look Samsung device homescreen is appealing, I have certain issues with it. As many of you know, Samsung has been rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat to Galaxy Note 3 users in select markets. A similar update is also coming to the Galaxy S4 soon. In fact we already have the leaked test firmware for the Snapdragon 600 variant of the Galaxy S4. AQpart from the TouchWiz overlay, Samsung also went with the cosmetic changes that Google brought to the notification bar: the whites. The battery icon is white like on other devices running KitKat (Nexus devices, GPe devices and Motorola devices). Surprisingly in this leak, the battery has that green battery icon we have in the current TouchWiz. While that is a small thing, I don’t think that Samsung would take a step forward and then backwards again. Even in the Magazine UI, the whites are so vivid. Maybe I am wrong.


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