Samsung reportedly testing new smartphone UI

Samsung new smartphone UI

There’s no doubting that Samsung’s custom user interface, TouchWiz is not only dated and stale, it is totally worn out. It still has icons that pretty much remind you of the good old days when Gingerbread was king. Many have been asking when the UI will get a serious refresh, to the core, unlike what we saw with TouchWiz Nature UX back in 2012. Maybe the year that we’ll see that happen is 2014, if what @evleaks revealed today is anything to go by.

Here are the concepts designs:

Samsung new smartphone UI

The above designs are said to be under testing internally by Samsung’s necessary teams. We cannot be sure how true or false that is but since we are assuming at least that is the case then the end result may be this or something else, better.

It is not surprising to see rumours of a new Samsung custom skin emerging at this moment since all signs point to TouchWiz getting a major redesign sooner rather than later. If we’re lucky this may happen when the Galaxy S5 is unveiled in the next couple of months. Till then, take everything else with a pinch of salt.


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