Mobile Data Roaming Will Rise to 47% by 2018



Global mobile data roaming accounted for 36% for all mobile roaming revenues. Juniper research projects an increase to 47% by 2018 which would see operators rake in $42 billion. The report notes that its only through successful business models towards end-users and between operators that the full potential of LTE roaming will be uncovered

Mobile data roaming will be driven by increased and heavier data usage, operator migration to 4G networks meaning faster broadband for consumers and reduction in roaming charges therefore more frequent use of LTE data services. The ground is being set for LTE’s success with operators forming partnerships with tier one providers in developing the right wholesale models for LTE roaming agreements.

EU’s campaign to end roaming charges is forecast to decline mobile roaming revenues by 20% in 2016 while the actual volume of usage and number of active roamers continues to increase over the forecast period. The proposal is before the European Parliament but there is strong opposition from operators among them Vodafone, Orange and Telefonica