Microsoft’s SkyDrive is now OneDrive


Microsoft OneDriveHave you by any chance heard of Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky One? If you’re a keen follower of matters Sports and especially the English Premier League then you’ve probably heard of Sky Sports. They’re my favourite British football broadcaster. If you happen to reside in the UK or have been there before then you must’ve heard of the other two. They’re all channels owned by British media corporation British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB).

BSkyB owns the “Sky” brand all across the European Union and was last year given the go-head by an English and Wales court paving way for Microsoft to relinquish use of the name “SkyDrive” for its online content storage and sharing service. In adherence to that court ruling, Microsoft has now changed the name of SkyDrive to OneDrive. Why OneDrive? Redmond argues that it wants OneDrive to be your one and only central file storage and sharing service.

This is not a surprise move at all as we saw such a thing happen with the use of the word “Metro” to describe Microsoft’s new live tiles start screen and the entire UI. Now we simply refer to it as Modern UI after German company Metro AG claimed rights to the Metro name.

Any changes to the service itself other than the name? None, Microsoft says it is the same good old SkyDrive with just a new name. is already live so you can poke around there.


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