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End of An Era for Samsung Cloud: How to Download Your Media for Safekeeping

Samsung Cloud has been one of the most essential tools for Galaxy smartphone owners. The solution offers cloud storage for your contacts, SMS, call history,...
Google Photos

How to Stop Screenshots in Your Samsung and Xiaomi from Uploading to Google Photos and OneDrive

I fell in love with Google Photos as soon as it was released to the masses several years ago. Here was a tool that...
Samsung Android 10 roadmap

Microsoft OneDrive Will Replace Samsung Cloud on Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy devices are slowly becoming Microsoft devices. This could be the end for Samsung's apps that come preinstalled on their Galaxy devices. The...

Microsoft Brings Dark Mode to All its Office Apps and Office.com

With dark mode gaining moment now that Android 10 and iOS 13 are bringing system-wide dark mode, companies are readying their apps and Microsoft...

Twitter Puts a Leash On Third-Party Clients as Founder Mulls Overhaul and Google’s Project Dragonfly Drama Continues

Twitter CEO is thinking about giving the whole Twitter app an overhaul. After putting both controversial Alex Jones' account and his Infowars account on a...
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Microsoft’s OneDrive May Still Get Placeholders

I'm crossing my fingers for this.

Microsoft’s OneDrive Gets Some of The Cool Features That Made Us Love Google Photos

This should make you use OneDrive for more than just photo backup.

The Office Apps for Android You Should Be Using

You don't need to have a PC with you all the time to be productive.

Placeholders are Coming to OneDrive, New Windows 10 Build Shows

One of the most notable features omitted from Windows 10 that was available previous is the ability to view all the files and folders...
Microsoft OneDrive

Users Petition Microsoft Over Change in Onedrive Storage Offering

Microsoft yesterday surprised many by going back on its promise to provide “unlimited” OneDrive storage to subscribers of Office365 and cutting down the free...
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Microsoft Slashes Free Onedrive Storage Capacity by 84%

A year ago, Microsoft announced that unlimited storage was coming to Office 365 users. In a dramatic about-face, Microsoft today announced several drastic changes...

OneDrive Users Can Finally Sync Shared Folders on their Accounts

OneDrive is great, after all Microsoft has been giving users a whopping 1 terabyte (with an unlimited option being available soon to everyone with...

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes preloaded with several Microsoft apps

Have you see those images of the Galaxy S6 on the preview stands at MWC? There's a conspicuous "Microsoft Apps" folder on the demo...

Microsoft Lumia 535 Full Review: The New Standard for Affordable Smartphones

Though all the glamour of smartphone interest is primarily directed to the gleaming high end devices, it is increasingly clear that the market segment...

Microsoft to Rebrand Bing Apps back to MSN, while Kenya’s MSN Page Goes Missing

In an effort to align Bing services to the “Mobile First, Cloud First” vision, Microsoft will soon re-brand  its cross platform Bing Apps back...
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Microsoft Bumps Up Onedrive Storage to 1TB For Office 365 Users

For those of us who use Office 365, OneDrive has been quite an interesting product and it's bound to get even more interesting. In...

Microsoft OneDrive for Business Users Gets 1TB Upgrade

From the 25GB capacity per user, Microsoft OneDrive for Business will now be offering 1TB at the price of $2.50 per month. The same...

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is now OneDrive

Have you by any chance heard of Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky One? If you're a keen follower of matters Sports and especially...