Microsoft Bumps Up Onedrive Storage to 1TB For Office 365 Users

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1For those of us who use Office 365, OneDrive has been quite an interesting product and it’s bound to get even more interesting. In fact it gets interesting for all who want to use OneDrive. Microsoft has made this announcement that the company will be bumping the free storage on Onedrive to 15GB from the 7GB we’ve become used to. Google has previously hit at Microsoft’s cloud computing product with aggressive pricing and it’s time Microsoft to return the favour.

Cloud is quite the frontier in today’s business of mobility and Microsoft knows too well that the better the proposition the better for the ecosystem that is Microsoft. And obviously with aggressive pricing comes increased userbase. Microsoft not only bumped the free storage, Office 365 users get the meat of what’s there to be had.

Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager at notes that users want more than just the ability to store stuff in the cloud. “You want tto be able to share it, collaborate on it and so much more. The landscape is changing to the point we believe it’s nolonger enough to provide cloud storage”.

“We want to provide a complete experience that brings in the power of Office and let’s you do mote with everything you put in your OneDrive, whether it’s sharing photos in a click or working together in realtime on an important project,” added Omar.

Office 365 users will get 1TB storage for the same price, all versions (Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal and University). This would stand to be a very interesting proposition for the small computing devices and users can now stop looking at local storage as the measure for productivity for a device. It follows the announcement on April that OneDrive for Business users would be getting 1TB cloud storage per person.

Onedrive now has an option to be had alone without bundling with Office 365 for paid users. Now one will be able to buy OneDrive at $1.99 for 100GB down from $7.70 and $3.99 for 200GB which was previously priced at $11.99. This is basically a 70% price drop. All these price and package changes start from July.