SAP Takes Learning To the Cloud After Expanding SAP Learning Hub


Student doing online class, mooc
An expanded version of the cloud-based SAP Learning Hub site has now been made available to the SAP Community. SAP Learning Hub provides easy access to comprehensive and up-to-date educational content on a wide range of SAP solutions. Built on SuccessFactors Learning, which includes the SAP Jam social software platform, the site is an extensive online repository of content where SAP professionals can learn and improve their knowledge and skills, receive instructor guidance and peer support and collaborate socially on a clear, engaging user interface. Already over 230 customers have adopted SAP Learning Hub since its introduction in 2012.

With the goal of making SAP Learning Hub the leading cloud learning offering in the market as well as the default entry point to the complete learning portfolio from the SAP Education organization, SAP is making more than 2,000 titles available to subscribers, including e-learnings, handbooks and training manuals. Users can engage with SAP instructors, subject matter experts and fellow learners in an engaging social learning environment, all through one subscription to the site. SAP is also making more than 120 titles available free of charge through the discovery edition of SAP Learning Hub.

“SAP Learning Hub represents a significant evolution in how training and education are delivered,” said Joshua Greenbaum, principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting. “The availability of top-tier educational content — available online — and the ability to interact with peers and process experts will help SAP customers better leverage their investments in technology and people.”
With SAP Learning Hub, customers can improve their overall knowledge and skills of SAP solutions, enabling businesses to maximize their return on investment (ROI) for those solutions. And the SAP ecosystem of partners, consultants and freelancers can use the site to sharpen their abilities with SAP solutions and get the practice they need to become SAP-certified and compete for more projects.

“We want to increase the reach of enablement and training for SAP skills in the market from the 500,000 people we train annually to the estimated three to four million professionals who use SAP systems every day”, said Markus Schwarz, senior vice president and global head, SAP Education. “With the expanded SAP Learning Hub, we have taken key technologies from the SAP Cloud portfolio to change both our business model and our learning approach to offer an entirely new learning experience. And in the process we have made accessing, purchasing and consuming learning easier than ever for our customers and partners.”

Significantly Enriched Learning Experience

The expanded SAP Learning Hub was built based on feedback from customers and partners, and offers a variety of best practices to get the most out of each learning experience. Users can access and view expert videos, register for webinars, review classroom handbooks and study e-learning courses. Subscribers also have the exclusive option to purchase access to SAP training systems with the SAP Live Access environment to practice their newly acquired skills.

“The cloud-based training through SAP Learning Hub has been a great help in training staff up in new roles and on new developments in a period of limited budget and time constraints,” said Liam Clark, SAP Senior Officer, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council in the UK.

Interactive, Moderated Platform Fosters Peer Exchange

SAP Learning Hub is built on SuccessFactors Learning solution, which includes the Learning Management System, Learning Reporting and Analytics, Mobile Learning and SAP Jam for collaborative social learning experiences. Existing and new users on SAP Learning Hub can easily access, manage and complete learning programs, as well as receive comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness and value of each training program. The site now offers instructor-moderated learning rooms and massive open online courses (MOOC)-style online learning rooms, conducted by SAP experts. With all pieces of SAP Learning Hub available in the cloud, users are able to perform tasks on a schedule most beneficial to them, adding flexibility to the process of mastering SAP solutions.