BBM is coming to Windows Phone



Nokia has pitched tent at MWC where it has just announced its Android powered devices and for those who are following keenly, there was mention of BBM and Photoshop Express coming to the Windows Phone Store soon by Stephen Elop.

BBM made the jump to iOS and Android devices last year after months of being in beta and went on to rake n a massive 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in its first 24 hours. Will BBM’s huge initial interest from the Android and iOS crowd be visible when it lands on Windows Phone? We can’t tell for sure, but as a Windows Phone user I am very much satisfied with Whatsapp and Viber which have been on the platform for a while now. I rarely use Skype’s messenger on Windows Phone despite being the one app Microsoft would be happy to push and I doubt Blackberry Messenger will be touched either but for appearances’ sake, BBM is welcome to join the party.

BBM’s imminent arrival on Windows Phone should make that argument about big apps and the platform go away for good if the arrival of Instagram and popular game titles like San Andreas and Subway Surfers did not do that already.


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