Instagram for Windows Phone is now official


This has been a long time coming. Finally, it has happened. The official Instagram app for Windows Phone is now, well, OFFICIAL!

Instagram has taken forever to land on Windows Phone, at least on an official capacity since 6Tag has been equally good. The arrival of the popular photo sharing app on Windows Phone gives the platform’s enthusiasts some bragging rights and will ward off all the critics whose main starting point was “does it have Instagram?” never minding that there are alternate ways of accessing Instagram other than the recommended official apps.

Instagram currently boasts of over 150 million users and is showing no signs of that growth slowing down and if anything, with the official WP app those numbers should increase going forward. Windows Phone does not have significant marketshare yet but it is on the rise and with the onset of popular photography-centric phones on the platform like the Lumia 1020, you can expect that photography enthusiasts who use the photo sharing service have a solid home.

The app is a bit crippled though. It is not yet as functional as it is on iOS and Android since it won’t allow you to record and post videos of your cat taking milk. That ability should be coming soon. After all video recording on Android and iOS came just the other day.

Now to the bad news. This is huge, the app does not support native photo taking i.e you have to take a photo with your phone’s camera app or any other camera app of your choice and then load it on the app, you can’t take shots directly from the app. While I rarely take photos using the Instagram app directly, to many (and I have seen the reaction online), it is a big deal. I hope Instagram fixes this soon. For now, go ahead and enjoy the Instagram app on Windows Phone. In unrelated news, 6Tag is still a much better option.

Reminder: we still don’t have Instagram on Blackberry devices.

Check out the app by following  THIS LINK


Source: Instagram