New video confirms ‘all new HTC One’ name and improved Boomsound speakers

The leaked photo of the HTC M8

March 25th is the date. We’ve all been lost as to what the HTC One’s successor, rumoured to be internally codenamed the M8, will be known as. Names as ridiculous as the HTC One 2 and obvious like the HTC One+. Now we have it direct from the horse’s mouth (though @evleaks as usual spoilt the party by suggesting the same name a week ago): the new flagship from HTC will be called the ‘All new HTC One’. That’s a mouthful but come on, we’re used to other names like the new iPad with retina display so this shouldn’t be a hard one to remember.

Remember this?

HTC One Plus

As the per the video posted on HTC’s YouTube channel (see below), HTC has also been working on making its famed dual front-facing Boomsound speakers better with improved audio being a key feature highlighted by the video.

HTC is sure to get a new set of ardent fans if it manages to wow us with an excellent design that won’t be a huge departure from the One as we have been seeing it and so far they seem to have gotten their marketing  game proper. can they keep the momentum once the new One is out? We’ll soon find out.