EU Pushes for Common Mobile Charger Standard


Galaxy S3 LiteThe European Union on Thursday updated its radio equipment laws by introducing a common charger specification for mobile phones. Consumers spend a lot on branded accessories including mobile phone chargers, the EU’s efforts aim at reducing this cost as well as creating interoperability between different brands of radio equipment.

“The draft directive lays down harmonised rules for placing radio equipment, including cellular telephones, car-door openers and modems, on the market. The rules aim to keep pace with the growing number and variety of radio equipment devices and ensure that they do not interfere with each other while respecting essential health and safety requirements,” reads a statement from the commission.

Although several mobile manufacturers are moving to micro-USB charging, there are several exceptions including Apple who have their own standard. Once EU member states begin to implement the common mobile charging standards, manufacturers will only have one year to comply.