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EU preinstalled apps

Smartphone Users will Remove Pre-installed Apps if new Law Sails Through

The European Union is preparing a draft legislation that will fundamentally change how we use smartphones.

Apple Has Some Not-So-New iPhones, Google Discontinues the Email App No One Used and EU Wants to Kill the...

On Wednesday last week, Apple introduced new iPhones - there was no huge announcements as this is the S year from Apple products -...
EU Roaming

European Union (EU) Tosses Out Roaming Charges for Texts and Calls

Roaming charges (yes, they are shocking) are out of window according to the law drafted by the European Union. Enforcement of the law starts today,...
Straight Outta Europe

How Twitter Reacted After the “Brexit” Referendum Result

Today was a momentous day for the United Kingdom. The country and the whole world waited for the results of their referendum which stated:...

EU Pushes for Common Mobile Charger Standard

The European Union on Thursday updated its radio equipment laws by introducing a common charger specification for mobile phones. Consumers spend a lot on...

European Commission Net Neutrality Campaign To End Mobile Roaming Fees in Europe by 2014

European Commission (EC) vice president Neelie Kroes has unveiled plans to end mobile roaming charges. The new legislation is an effort towards net neutrality...