Samsung Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode Use Case Demonstrated in Video

Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode

Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving ModeSamsung Galaxy S5 was launched on the 24th of February in Barcelona and top among the features it’s quite useful for is it’s battery saving prowess. Others include IP67 certification for dust and water resistance, download booster, Kids mode, great camera features like world fastest autofocus on a cameraphone among others. Now Samsung likes taking matters in it’s own hands where communication is concerned and wants consumers to know as much as possible about their products, including how to do things.

It’s in that regard that Samsung publishes several videos showing features the way they want you to know about them. This video about how and when you would need the ultra power saving feature on your phone is one such.

It has several people actively using their Galaxy S5 device and like any other smartphone, they run out of charge at the most inconvenient of situations. Even the longest lasting battery goes out of charge at some point in time, mostly when you are away from charging ports. Naturally this distracts something you are doing and as smartphones will have that nagging notification that you are almost running out of charge, Samsung Galaxy S5 users get better options.

You can turn on ultra power saving mode that can prolong your battery life by upto 24 hours with only 10% battery. Of course this comes with some compromises as the phone goes black and white while at the same time limiting most of the features of the phone. This allows you to access only the essentials, like calling, texting and the browser in a very basic screen.
Ultra Power Saving Mode Samsung
The video shows a user going on with navigation on maps while on this ultra power saving mode, showing how actively useful the feature indeed is.