Red Hat’s Containerized Application Delivery Adds New Capabilities


Enterprise IT environments continue to develop confidence in cloud computing. And with this, there is a shift in focus from infrastructure to applications hosted over cloud platforms placing a great demand on containerized application delivery. To meet this trend, Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud has been designed for portability across virtual machines, bare metal systems, public and private clouds. The vendor has been central in promoting the Linux platform for enterprise applications and is currently driving the adoption of open source cloud platforms.
Red Hat’s Linux Container Community has added 2 products to its fold – Project Atomic and GearD – to provide stability, security and manageability demanded by cloud applications. Project Atomic is a lightweight container that spins secure RHEL Atomic Host images. The container is compatible with RHEL 7 and provides mandatory access control through SELinux. GearD provides broad controls over the application development process. It offers command line access through which Docker containers hosted over multiple hosts can be integrated to a single systemd manager. This allows for log streaming and monitoring applications’ health. Private netwroking between containers is also available through GearD.

Select customers will be able to test these products through the expanding RHEL 7 High Tech Beta program.