Adoption of Smart Home Appliances Expected to Grow into 2017

Smart Home

Smart HomeThe install base of connected appliances is expected to pass the 10 million mark by 2017. Currently smart home devices stand at 4 million although consumers don’t view these appliances as an attractive purchase. Juniper Research however states that there is a gradual increase in awareness among consumers as to the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

High retail prices, poor use cases and security concerns however contribute to the categorization of smart home appliances as a niche item. Further, there exists no system for intelligent automation from service providers which does not help with consumer adoption of IoT devices.

Smart Home Service’ platform from Samsung comes out as a major ecosystem towards the support of smart appliances. The platform offers a system for the integration of both appliances and accompanying technologies with a restriction to Samsung products. This approach might not be appealing to consumers who purchase from different brands. Juniper Research recommends that service providers should create user communities to catalyze the adoption of Smart Home appliances.