CES 2017: IoT Devices Picks


While the curtains have closed for CES 2017 , brilliant innovations have left tongues wagging. Another notable development is the continued release of IoT(Internet of Things) Devices. Here are some picks.

Intel Compute Card

Intel Compute card

This is the latest development by Intel and it is set to enhance IoT ecosystems.  The card is only 5 mm thick and is meant to increase the speed of connection of devices through online kiosks or other devices. The card is fitted with a standard USB-C connector, Intel Systems Chip, memory and wireless capabilities. This means that the card can be adjusted and modified to a plethora of activities such as starting a car or closing doors and gates. More details of the device are set to be released in Q2 2017.

Mesh Routers

Ever had crappy internet in your house because of where your Wi-Fi router is situated? Well the Linksys mesh router promises to deliver a strong connection regardless of your position in the house. This will clear the thought of having to place multiple routers in your house. Dubbed “Velop”, it features of a tri- band mesh system. So if you pay for 100mbps, you deserve to get full speeds in every corner of your house. It will retail as follows.

  • (1 Pack) WHW0301 – $199.99 (Kshs 20,800)
  • (2 Pack) WHW0302 – $349.99 (Kshs 36,350)
  • (3 pack) WHW0303 – $499.99 (Kshs 51,900)

Levitating Speakers

A first of its kind by LG, the Pj9 portable speaker is set to provide 360 degrees’ sound.  The device will ‘float’ and rotate as you listen to music. The wireless speaker will hover over the levitation station. LG said that this will be enabled by strong electromagnets housed inside the levitation station that will enable the speaker to float. And when the 10-hour battery runs out, worry no more since the speaker will automatically descend to the station and begin to charge wirelessly without music interruption. The device also comes with multipoint technology, which allows you to connect two devices via Bluetooth.


This is an unusual device,  but once you understand its use, then you would appreciate it. The GeniCan is an accessory that can be installed next to your trash bin and you scan the items that you want to dispose and they will be automatically added to your shopping list. This will help you not forget anything you want to buy. The device will retail at $124.99(Kshs 13,000).

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