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MTN Managed Services

IOT, 5G and the Need for Everything as a Service

Internet of Things (IOT) and 5G present a good opportunity for organizations to leverage managed services (everything as a service) to increase efficiency.
Smart fridges KBL

Safaricom Pushes the Internet of Things Agenda with Smart Coolers for Kenya Breweries

Safaricom’s innovation arm has always tried to solve a lot of local issues, and has, for the most part, met that goal. A new...
Internet of Things

Challenges that IoT Devices Will Face in the Future

As more and more data continues to be uploaded and stored, the sheer size of the IoT is set to cause numerous challenges

Rwanda’s Akagera National Park Uses a Smart Park System to Keep Poachers at Bay

Poaching is a serious problem in African parks. According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Elephant population in Africa has dropped from 5 million in the...

CES 2017: IoT Devices Picks

While the curtains have closed for CES 2017 , brilliant innovations have left tongues wagging. Another notable development is the continued release of IoT(Internet...

How to Make Tea the Smart Way in 2016

Welcome to the future.

Bluetooth 5 Will Bring Faster Transfer Speeds and Longer Range

Bluetooth, the prevalent technology that lets you share files between devices and stream music from your speakers as well as find your way around...

Airtel to Provide an Online Sim Control Tool for Corporates

Airtel Kenya has partnered with South African firm FlickSwitch International to launch a Sim management tool targeted at corporate firms. The solution referred to...
Internet of things

Internet of things: Key Points that need Addressing

Fantastic times lie ahead in the tech age. And this is in the form of the internet of things(IOT). Basically, the internet of things...

GITEX Technology Week Day 2: The Internet of Things is No Longer the Future, it is the Present

The Internet of Things or IoT as it is fondly abbreviated, is the 2015 buzzword. Simply put, the Internet of Things is your everyday...

Project Brillo is Google’s platform for the Internet of Things

In the days running up to Google I/O 2015, rumours emerged that Google would be looking to tap into the Internet of Things with...

Google reportedly developing new software for the Internet of Things

Will it be a fork of Android? Will it even be Android or some variation of sorts? We have absolutely no idea. All that...

Huawei bets on the Internet of Things with new platform, LiteOS

Huawei has announced a new platform that it expects will power the Internet of Things devices. Huawei predicts that there will be over 100...

Windows 10 to come in at least 7 different versions, Windows Mobile included

While Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 10 will be the platform that unifies all its users, that doesn't mean that outside...

Blackberry Acquires WatchDox, Launches New Service For Internet of Things

Blackberry is well known for delivery of ultra secure solutions to devices and services. In December of 2014, Blackberry confirmed the full acquisition...
Smart Home

Adoption of Smart Home Appliances Expected to Grow into 2017

The install base of connected appliances is expected to pass the 10 million mark by 2017. Currently smart home devices stand at 4 million...

How Internet of Things Could Pose Security Threats to Data Centers

Data centers handle a lot of traffic as the demand for internet services continues to grow. Emerging trends however promise that the capacity offered...

Law Makers in Netherlands Make it Possible to Get Carrier-Free SIM Cards

Most countries in the world outlaw the use of carrier-free SIM cards. The Netherlands has however turned tables on this practice, residents in the...

Up to $300,000 For Grabs from Cisco’s IoT Security Grand Challenge

IoT (Internet of Things) is viewed as one of the trends which changes how devices will be used in every lives. Cisco is launching...

Cisco Extends Application-centric Infrastructure (ACI) For Network Automation and IT Agility

As the network becomes more critical in addressing the need to connect billions of objects, people and applications that form the Internet of Everything,...

Cisco Introduces IOx, Networking OS for Internet of Things

IOx combines elements of Linux OS and Cisco IOS creating a platform for the creation and running of IoT applications on Cisco industrial networked...
Smart home

Samsung Smart Home Debuts at CES 2014

Internet of things (IoT) continues to grow with the creation of smart devices and will have a great impact on the creation of smart...

Cloud Uptake Set to Explode Across Africa

A study by Cisco and World Wide Worx shows that organization across Africa are posed to make considerable investments in cloud services come 2014....

Cloud Security Alliance Introduces Software-defined Perimeter Initiative For Secure End-to-End Networks

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Initiative is a new architecture for the provision of secure and trusted end-to-end networks. Launched by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA),...

Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report Expanding Connectivity Has Significant Impact on Online Threats

Cisco's 2013 Annual Security Report reveals that the highest concentration of online security threats come from legitimate destinations visited by mass audiences, namely major...

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