Cloud Security Alliance Introduces Software-defined Perimeter Initiative For Secure End-to-End Networks


CLOUD SECURITY ALLIANCE LOGOSoftware Defined Perimeter (SDP) Initiative is a new architecture for the provision of secure and trusted end-to-end networks. Launched by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), SDP addresses the prevalent networks that result from machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) phenomena. As the number of web-facing endpoints continues to grow it is necessary to safeguard for cyber threat mitigation.

Internal IT departments are also faced by increased use of employee-owned devices in the enterprise. Bring your own device (BYOD) and cloud computing infrastructure are now accepted by employees as primary devices of choice over traditional IT equipment.

The framework recommended by the SDP initiative describes safeguards for the mitigation of network-based attacks on smart devices. For instance, connectivity to internet accessible devices and other such endpoints should be eliminated until devices and users are authenticated and authorized. This should result in secure cloud technology providing for the enforcement of organizational policies over different combinations of corporate, public and consumer information systems.

SDP’s design is meant to complement software-defined networks (SDN). SDN’s are virtual network which decouple routing and architectural decisions from the underlying hardware. The framework aims to conform to open standards. Several OSI layers are covered by the SDP initiative through which applications and users with trusted networks can use proven security models.

“CSA is making this royalty-free research publicly available in order to catalyze the development of more secure clouds and BYOD deployments. Some of the largest brands and companies have agreed to participate in this initiative, and will be disclosed in the course of this initiative.” – Jim Reavis, executive director Cloud Security Alliance.

CSA plans to present an implementation case study at the RSA Conference in February next year. Interested participants can join SDP research working groups for participation, collaboration and peer review. A whitepaper on SDP’s framework is planned for availability by December.