Huawei Reduces Data Center Deployment Time through Container-based Solution

Data Centre Racks

Data Centre RacksThe immensity of capital expenditure and high power consumption requirements play a great role in the deployment of data centers. Therefore setting up a data center in a new area costs a lot both in terms of money and time. Huawei’s Container Data Center Solution is however built to change this with agile deployment periods of just six weeks. This comes in a mobile shipping container and can be customized to the customers requirements.

Huawei’s solution integrates a power system, security controls, racks, cabling, fire controls, environmental monitoring and other infrastructure facilities required by a fully functioning data center. To maximize on space constraints, the shipping container can be stacked in double story configurations.

A variety of other setups are available, this includes linking multiple containers for larger deployments. The containers can be relocated without disruption of service as they are fitted with satellite feeds. This makes them useful for disaster relief, field operations, exploration and organizations that want to expand their operations in Africa.

These containers have also been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are also recommended for mining applications. A closed loop cooling system maintains the operating temperature within the container in the range of -40 and 55 degrees Celsius. For corrosive environments, the container’s exterior is guarded by anti-corrosion treatment.