SaaS Remains Dominant Cloud Model into 2018 at $5.3bn


cloudEnterprise SaaS business attracted $23.2bn in revenue for year 2013 and Juniper Research forecasts a 59% increase of these moneys by 2018. This has been the mainstay of some of the biggest software vendors – IBM, Oracle, SAP AG among them – which has fostered its maturity and contributed to its acceptance among business organizations. And though availability and security still prevent risks in cloud adoption, businesses are gravitating towards services offered in this arena due to the associated cost benefits.

PaaS and IaaS solutions have not appealed to enterprise applications due to the issues of portability, compliance and data security. With applications such as big data, these services are however expected to gain more acceptance over the forecast period. Confidence in cloud computing has however suffered from the revelations on pervasive surveillance by state bodies. This requires that cloud service providers to rebuild the compromised trust if they expect customers to entrust them with sensitive data.