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kenyatta national hospital diagnostics and reporting centre

Kenyatta National Hospital To Use Big Data, Connectivity and AI in Coronavirus Detection

The coronavirus pandemic has forced governments all over the world to step up and put stringent measures to detect and contain it. In Kenya,...

General Data Protection Regulation: What Kenyans Need to Know

In about a month, this new law will be in place and may change how you deal with your customers’ data or how you...
Bob Collymore Safaricom

Safaricom to Use Nokia’s Big Data Solution in Improving Customer Experience

Telco Safaricom has annouced it will begin using Nokia’s Customer Experience Management on Demand, a big data solution, in a bid to improve customer experience....
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DIY or Buy? Weighing up Infrastructure Options for Big Data

By Vicky Falconer Choosing how to implement your Big Data capabilities is critical; buying a complete solution could reap rewards Building your own big data capabilities...

7 Tech Jobs That Exist Only in the Future

Let's face it: Science and Technology has advanced in incredible leaps and bounds that there is no end in sight to continuous innovation. Everyday...

SaaS Remains Dominant Cloud Model into 2018 at $5.3bn

Enterprise SaaS business attracted $23.2bn in revenue for year 2013 and Juniper Research forecasts a 59% increase of these moneys by 2018. This has...

Putting Big Data To Use Through Oracle’s Integrated Big Data Solution

Big data presents a new revenue source for Oracle as enterprises seek to gain insights on their operations from the social media, machine-generated data...

Software AG Invites Universities Globally to Participate in Innovation Contest

Software AG's is calling on universities to participate in its global Innovation World 2014 Idea Contest. Students and faculty members have been invited to...

Big Data To Benefit from new Compression Technique

Anamorphic Stretch Transform (AST) is a new technique which reshapes signals for transmission over the internet. The process has been inspired by the operation...

Oracle, equipping Kenya for Big Data, Cloud and Social

Oracle, ICT, Big Data, Cloud, Social
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New solutions for handling big data

Large amounts of data or big data results when the process of data capacity goes above than of conventional system databases. For a business...

Intel investing in Big Data to make Chip Testing faster

Big Data is clearly going to play a huge role in delivering working products to customers where structuring of data from research and customer...
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Big Data among the employers for 2013 in EMEA- Gartner

Gartner report says that IT spending in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) will grow by 1.4% reaching $1.154 trillion in year 2013. Europe...