7 Tech Jobs That Exist Only in the Future


Future Tech Jobs

Let’s face it: Science and Technology has advanced in incredible leaps and bounds that there is no end in sight to continuous innovation. Everyday new gadgets come up, new inventions are made and inevitably, new jobs are created. Who would have ever thought there would be job titles such as Resident Hacker at Google, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft or Chief Technology Officer at a telco like Safaricom? Technology has a way of eliminating old job roles whilst creating new ones. Here is a list of 10 tech jobs to look out for in Kenya before year 2030:

Waste Data Managers

These guys are the future. Achieving a more streamline data storage in the future will require de-duplication specialists who can rid our data centers of needless copies and frivolous clutter.

Book-to-App Converters 

Over the coming years we shall see brewing competition between books and apps. With both being information products that we interface with differently, we will begin to see a large scale effort to convert existing books and literature into an interactive app, similar to the current efforts to convert popular literature from print to audiobooks.

Privacy Managers

If you think you have lost most of your privacy already, we’ve only scratched the surface. We are all terminally human, and as such, we do not always make good decisions. Striking the perfect privacy-transparency balance will require far more than amateur insights and experience. It will require a privacy professional.

Data Hostage Specialists

Holding people as hostages is very messy. But holding data hostage is a less-risky crime that can be done remotely, and has the potential for far greater rewards. This type of activity will give rise to the likes of data-hostage negotiators, data-retrieval specialists, and damage-control analysts.

Drone Dispatchers

Drones will be used to deliver shopping and pizzas, deliver water, remove trash and sewage, monitor traffic and pollution, and conduct security surveillance on our homes. Skilled dispatchers for future drones will be high demand.

Mobile Technology Administrator

Enterprises of the future will need people who can manage business smartphone and tablet devices – from tracking and securing them, to loading software on them and repairing them.

Cloud Architects

This job is happening now. Enterprises are designing their data centers to go big on virtualization, big data and analytics. Someone needs to design these enterprise clouds and make them work as they grow. That would be the enterprise “Cloud Architect”.

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