How To Get The Best Ad Impact When Selling Online On OLX

Selling on OLX

Selling on OLXSelling online is not quite established in Kenya, one of the main reasons is trust. This comes up as a result of lack of physical addressing in Kenya, you cannot get an address of a business or individual that will make you sure that you know where to deliver or collect your goods. Thus we have to rely mostly on word of mouth where physical directions are concerned. The internet enables us to e-meet without necessarily making physical movements thus increases efficiency where you only engage a product physically when you have some level of interest in it.

But this naturally poses a situation for sellers, you know walk in walk out shops give all these; product experience, interaction, question and answer and payments at one physical point. You don’t have that advantage as an online sellers, so you have to bring out what works for you the best way possible. I have compiled a list of 5 must do things for you to get maximum impact when selling online.

We are very visual, so express yourself well

As I said, the guy with a shop is able to showcase the product you are selling, so it pays to have very clear images of the product you are selling. A smartphone camera above 3MP with good lighting can do you justice, so these are things that are within your means. Take various angles and think like the buyer, what would they want to see about the product that would help them decide? Capture it.

Give a proper description to your wares

Description well done gives the potential buyer ability to understand to the max what they need to know. There is nothing like irrelevant information, remember you have different people coming to see your product, so put in as much information as you can. It pays to structure the information, like overview, product specifications, benefits and the like. The eye tends to hover over things especially when someone is in a hurry, just like I have made the points on this article bold, structured information lets a reader go straight to what they consider important.

Know some basic Search Engine Optimization

Yes, a little bit mind refresh here. What words do you use when searching for a specific item? Yes, if you are selling an electric kettle, think about the reader who is searching for an electric kettle and don’t be vague in your wording. You can even use combinations of words you know people will search for in your description. Just don’t run the description while at it.

Build trust with your customers, this gives you referrals

You know when you sell to one individual and give them so good customer service that they can even vouch for you infront of your priest? Think the impact the same does for you when you do the same to all your customers. Direct referrals do not need much work, an endorsement is enough to have repeat customers, I am assuming you could be a small business who doesn’t have much resources selling furniture, pays to have someone give your details and endorse you.

You are in business, no need to be anonymous

Get known, give proper details online. This plays well for people skeptical of interacting with strangers. They get the feeling that you are a genuine person who looks established. If possible, give physical details for businesses. You will be surprised when you as an individual becomes a brand for your business.