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OLX Exit Almost Complete as Nigeria’s Jiji Prepares Takeover

OLX Kenya’s good days are behind the e-commerce platform. The site, which grew its popularity back in the day has been struggling to make...
jii acquires olx

Nigerian Online Marketpace Jiji Acquires OLX

OLX, the online marketplace that gained prominence in Kenya, will now be bought by a leading online marketplace from Nigeria, Jiji. The agreement, which is pending...

OLX Reported to be Shutting Down Kenya and Nigeria Operations

By now, some of us have been apprised by word doing rounds across the Internet that Naspers OLX is closing down its operations in...
OLX Kenya account limit

OLX Kenya Introduces Caps, Requires Licenses for Business Classifieds Accounts

OLX Kenya introduces new requirements for business permits and limit of classifieds adverts posted by business sellers on the website.
OLX Android App

OLX will now let Farmers Sell Produce via SMS

 Olx is probably the most popular ecommerce platform thanks to spirited ad campaigns in Kenya that have propelled it to that position. The company...
OLX Sell To Bless

Easter Plan: Sell It On OLX To Bless The Needy

  OLX has partnered with various entertainers in Kenya and Tuskys supermarket for the #SellToBless Campaign.  Through the campaign, Olx seeks to have you sell...

OLX Gives Kenyans A New Way to Make Christmas Donations To Less Fortunate

OLX has a month long OLX Sell To Bless campaign that seeks to change the way people make donations to the less fortunate. For most...
Artficial Insemination OLX

This Vet Offers Artficial Insemination On OLX

We keep finding new and interesting things every day. OLX is an online classifieds site and thus in the user acquisition there is...
OLX Android App

Here’s How OLX Intends To Make It’s Money

Yesterday we had a meet with Priscilla Muhiu, Marketing Manager at OLX as she passed by over at the office. OLX is quite visible...

Ten Interesting Animals You Will Find On OLX

OLX is now quite established in Kenya among many other countries. And with it becoming established, comes users opening up more and more for...
kaa ridhoo

Kaa Rithoo Campaign Aims To Create Safety Awareness Among Kenyan Transacting Online

Kenya is a young country when it comes to cyber awareness, with e-commerce quite still in the early stages. And with increased internet connections...
OLX Moving Out

Moving Out Sale, The OLX Way

We all at one or many points in life find ourselves moving out of a place we've been living for quite sometime. Whether it's...
OLX App navigation

OLX Updates Android App To Bring Swanky New Experience

Application development has come of age for many, particularly now that it's evident that mobile first is the best approach. Ask Instagram and Vine....

OLX To Sponsor Social Media Awards 2014 Kenya, Nominations Now Open

Nominations are now open for 2014 OLX Social Media Awards in Kenya. OLX Kenya is the title sponsor for the event which starts with...
Cow on sale

Why Online Classifieds Do It Yourself Are An Advantage Over Others

Technology has made possible quit many things, top among them is commerce. It widens the reach we already have with tools available to us...
OLX Sell it

OLX Is Very Keen On Ensuring Seller Interacts Well With Buyer, Here’s Why

With a platform like OLX users are bound to get the impression that OLX owes them quite a lot in terms of ensuring the...
OLX Android App

Posting An Advert On OLX Mobile, Here’s What You Need To Know

Most Kenyans access the internet on the mobile phone, and the larger number is the one that accessed the internet the first time on...
OLX Android App

5 Things You Need To Know When Using OLX

OLX is now almost a household name in Kenya after a serious campaign in the media to create awareness. There are people who will...
Selling on OLX

How To Get The Best Ad Impact When Selling Online On OLX

Selling online is not quite established in Kenya, one of the main reasons is trust. This comes up as a result of lack of...
used goods olx

Kenyans Have Unused Goods Worth 158 Billion Shillings – Report

A recent survey done by Nielsen Kenya has findings that Kenyans could well be sitting on billions of unused inventory that they could easily...
OLX Kenya

This OLX User Thought The Service Was A Joke, Now A Staunch Believer

Vincent Mutiso is just another Kenyan who happened to see good tidings come his way after just testing a service without really having faith...
OLX Fraud protection

16 Measures You Need to Take When Buying Or Selling Online to Avoid Fraud

The difference between e-commerce and offline commerce is the reliance of technology to link up the seller and the buyer. Just that, the trade...

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