OLX Is Very Keen On Ensuring Seller Interacts Well With Buyer, Here’s Why

OLX Sell it

OLX Sell it

With a platform like OLX users are bound to get the impression that OLX owes them quite a lot in terms of ensuring the genuineness of the buyers and seller they are going to meet on there. That is natural, but there is only so much one can do and in a world where criminals reinvent themselves on the daily, you never know whether you will be the person meeting the new trick in town.

This is why OLX Kenya focuses much on ensuring the users of their platform know that they need to take everything in their own hands when it comes to buyer/seller engagement. Top among the benefits users get from the customer to customer engagement are:

Users get to know that platform does not equate customer service

You know, when you have this platform ensuring that you are able to reach more customers without necessarily needing to fuel the car or place billboards, you might forget that the new customer needs to feel like they are dealing with a human being. One needs to put a human feel to it and ensure they retain customers, who will then recommend you. Even your username on OLX is something that people can refer other customers or endorse when you place items for sale in the future.

You get to know who you can trust and who you cannot

OLX platform is little about the platform and more about the people who use the platform. When you place an item on sale, you need to realize that it isn’t any different from you selling at a random boot sale. If you have no prior business relationship with a buyer you cannot just accept a cheque for an item on sale. It’s the same online and offline, same measures are required. In fact more because chances are that you won’t be meeting the buyer at their premises but vice versa.

It’s online, so you need to filter out unserious inquiries

Since if you do not have an actual premises where you sell from you will most definitely be setting a place to meet for the transaction to happen, you need to weed out the serious from unserious inquirers. Engage the person, let them have as much information about the product you are selling. In most of the campaigns OLX does in the media and offline, they focus on the user getting as much necessary information as possible. Basically you save time.


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