Easter Plan: Sell It On OLX To Bless The Needy

OLX Sell To Bless


OLX Sell To BlessOLX has partnered with various entertainers in Kenya and Tuskys supermarket for the #SellToBless Campaign.  Through the campaign, Olx seeks to have you sell any items you dont use in the house and donate the proceeds by buy dry food stuffs for various children’s homes. Olx has since launched a website http://selltobless.org/ that lets you champion for this cause.

The campaign by OLX presents a solution to a problem where most of the items donated to these homes fail to help those targeted. To this effect, OLX wants you to use the website, sell these items to people that need them and use the proceeds to help bless a needy child over this period. The campaign is slated to last for three weeks between from 16th March to 6th April, 2015.

The Campaign

Anyone who wishes to join in the campaign can do so by pledging on http://selltobless.org/. To pledge, take photos of the item and post it on this website and share it on all social media platforms. Sharing generates an automatic message declaring your intent to donate the proceeds of the sale with the campaign. Using the platform is pretty straight forward and takes five steps.

Sell to Bless campaignStep 1: What Do I Sell?

The first step involves sifting through all the unused items in your household ranging from clothes to electronics and even furniture.  I am pretty certain closets  and drawers are overflowing with items consumers deem unavailing. Gather all those items.

Step 2: Sell It!

Having chosen items from Step 1, list the items using the Olx App or the website. An important step to remember in undertaking step 2 is to take good photos of the items and offer a good pricing point and then wait for interested buyers to contact you. In the description of the item be keen to state proceeds of the sale will go to this charitable cause.

Step 3: Visit Tuskys Supermarket

With proceeds of the sale, visit any Tuskys supermarket and buy dry foodstuffs or a shopping voucher  for the OLX Sell-to-Bless campaign.

Step 4: Olx Collects the Donations

The Sell to Bless team will collect the vouchers and the dried foodstuff and proceed to donate the same to children’s homes and  spread the Easter Love. One can also nominate Children’s home to the Sell to Bless Team through social media platforms.

Step 5: Spread the Easter Cheer by uploading photos

After the process, one can decide to share a photos of items donated and thus create awareness and spread the Easter cheer.