OLX Gives Kenyans A New Way to Make Christmas Donations To Less Fortunate


OLX has a month long OLX Sell To Bless campaign that seeks to change the way people make donations to the less fortunate.

OLX Sell To BlessFor most people, donations to the needy range from cash donations, in-kind donations to personal items donations. The first two are able to fit in with the people the donations are meant to go to. However, donations of personal items do not usually fit the needs of the people receiving the donations. There is always a disconnect between the unwanted personal items you have and the actual needs being satisfied by the donation.

OLX wants to change this for Kenyans and at the end of it all ensuring that whatever small donation is done, fits the people it’s intended to help.

How they are doing this is by partnering with DJ Soxxy alongside other gospel artistes to ramp up the campaign. The campaign does this by asking people to sell the wares they would have given away, plus others they don’t need in their places, be it homes or offices. Sell these wares on OLX, be they electronics, shoes or furniture. Once they have the proceeds from the sale, they can then go to Uchumi supermarket and buy food-stuff and shopping vouchers that can then be dropped at any Uchumi supermarket countrywide.

This is a month long campaign that already started on 8th of December and ends on 4th January 2015.

This ensures that there is convenience in the process, buy food stuff and vouchers at Uchumi supermarket outlets which will then serve as drop off points at the sell-to-bless drop off points. OLX is categorical that they are not looking for donations but providing a way to get people to donate relevant items and at the same time get to de-clutter their houses of things they don’t need. This will in the end brighten a needy child’s Christmas.