5 Things You Need To Know When Using OLX

OLX Android App

OLX Android AppOLX is now almost a household name in Kenya after a serious campaign in the media to create awareness. There are people who will find the process of posting an advert for an item on sale quite easy. That include selling and removing it. There is also the user who might find a few challenges here and there, and there will also be one that will find it complicated. No-one was born doing things they do, so it’s all a learning process. Or isn’t life that?

Thought to write for the second and third kinds of people, give a little pointers how to sell there. So here we go, I will break them into 5 points:

Posting Items for sale is Free

Just a point of information, selling on OLX is free and there has been no indication from the guys over at OLX that this is changing soon. The reach that OLX presents is quite immense as by now almost anyone who has a TV in their house knows about OLX. Accessibility is to anyone who has a phone that can browse the internet. This is somewhere in the range of 15,000,000 to 20,000 Kenyans. Now you have all that audience to sell to as opposed to the street that has only the passers by and loyal customers to reach.

You can post an Item for sale on Mobile and Web

Another interesting thing is that you won’t need to go to the cyber cafe to upload your photos and publish your advertisement. As long as your internet enabled phone has a good camera that can take pictures that one can identify, you are good. Just take those pictures, describe  your item for sale and you will be selling in a matter of minutes.

You can be safe when selling on OLX

Just like any other marketplace, there are bound to be unscrupulous individuals out to take advantage of unsuspecting others. This is how not to be the unsuspecting other. Ensure that when you are meeting the interested buyer, it’s at a place you feel safe, coming with a second party is handy. Should you need to verify whether the product is genuine, do so before money is involved. If it’s a lumpsome of money, you can always be choosy on this, either mobile money, bank deposit or you could carry your own money verification equipment. Take it just like any other transaction involving money.
OLX stats have it that quite a number of fraudulent sellers call themselves pastors. Of course that is bound to make some of us drop their guard, remember you are not friends or relatives but people in business.

You cannot just post anything for sale

OLX slogan is “Everything Sells”. That is not confirmation that you can sell anything and everything. The team over at Saatchi Plaza in Kilimani go through each and every ad placed and moderate what ads go through. So you will not place an ad to sell guns and drugs in a country where these are illegal in the public hands.

Once you sell, you can either recall or delete an ad

Done with selling? You don’t need to keep avoiding calls of interested buyers of the product you sold eons ago. You can choose to either delete the advert or save it for recall at a later date. In your account, choose either delete advert or save to favourites, this option avails this ad should you have a similar product in the future to sell.

There we go, should you have anything you need to find out or wish answered, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments section. Happy selling.