Ten Interesting Animals You Will Find On OLX


OLX is now quite established in Kenya among many other countries. And with it becoming established, comes users opening up more and more for it to become their default classifieds site when they want to sell items they don’t need or wares for small businesses. I decided to go onto the website and see what kind of animals you could find on OLX, I wasn’t actually surprised by the find as sometime back OLX personnel had mentioned that you could  find rabbit urine being sold on the platform, and yes, there is rabbit urine on sale there. [Edited as the products have since been sold or removed from the site.]


Bantams are some rather stylish chickens which are originally from Indonesia. They are characterized by feet with feathers and are usually smaller than your average hen. Some may buy them for their fancy look but ultimately you cannot forget that they are chicken, you will still eat them if and when you want.


Not strange but also not quite expected. The demographic that uses donkeys is largely the rural one which consider that a low cost transport system when bundled up with donkey carts. You would find it quite interesting to find a donkey listed as for sale on a classifieds site.

Pregnant Pigs

Of course it’s expected that individuals will be selling pigs, mainly for meat or piglets as a commodity, pregnant pigs sound kind’a strange. You know, it’s not like pregnant cows, it’s different. You know, “I waited for this pig to mate and now I can confirm that the animal is now knocked” doesn’t sound like a conversation about pigs.


Not strange, but those come rare in this side of the world and seeing them featuring on a classifieds site alongside pigeons.


Brahmas are basically the giant cousins of Bantams, listed up here. These are extraordinarily large chicken and can weigh 5.5 Kgs for males. These are originally from China and make for a meal close to what a turkey could offer. An interesting find also.


Marans are another breed of chicken from France, they lay eggs that, have chocolate coloured shells, and according to several sources are sweet. The last part is debatable because I haven’t tasted better eggs than those found in the tropics. They don’t taste like chocolate.

Big Cocks

Nothing strange here, just big cocks. Male hens


A rather interesting kind of pet. I have no information whatsoever that people did keep hedgehogs as pets. Or what would one be doing with one? I mean, those things aren’t anywhere near cute and neither do they have any special skills up their sleeve. They are known to bite also.


Well, in my days of growing up I have interacted with tortoises as pets, you know in my home environment in Nyahururu, Kenya it’s possible to find them, especially near the Thompsons Falls, one of the tourists sites in the town. Not strange but it’s an interesting find.

A Human Being

Yes, I saw this posting classified in the animals and pets section, and it was a woman or girl with a caption of “sexy msichana” (msichana is girl in Swahili). Whether this is serious or not, it’s both a strange and interesting find to close the list. She’s on sale for 12 million.


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