Kaa Rithoo Campaign Aims To Create Safety Awareness Among Kenyan Transacting Online

kaa ridhoo

kaa ridhooKenya is a young country when it comes to cyber awareness, with e-commerce quite still in the early stages. And with increased internet connections among Kenyans, there is bound to arise new problems like naive users when it comes to online data and transactions security. Thus the need for an awareness campaign to reach the internet users who may be vulnerable to cybercrimes.

As a result of our youngness, we are prone to these risks, there is fraud offline, but technology makes it even easier to get compromised. OLX Kenya as one of the industry players together with stakeholders ICT Authority and Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK) are running a campaign going by “Kaa Ridhoo” to enhance consumer safety when buying and selling online. This is necessary to arm consumers online with as much information to get them cautious.

“As an online platform, we have not been exempt from cases of unscrupulous individuals. We have been trying to do our due diligence, and provide as much information as necessary to our clients regarding their safety,” said OLX Country Manager, Mr. Peter Ndiang’ui, “As we are not involved in the transactions between sellers and buyers, this campaign offers the perfect opportunity to reach a wider market.”
The government is facing the Cybercrime challenge head-on.

“We are aware of the challenges and are working to enhance the security of Kenya’s cyber space. In June, we launched the National Cyber Security Framework, which consists of the strategy, Digital Certificates and a portal where Kenyans can report about incidences. We are working with various stakeholders to realize these goals,” said the PS, Ministry of ICT, Mr. Joseph Tiampati.

ICT Authority Marketing Director, Ms. Eunice Kariuki, noted that cases of Cybercrime have been on the rise in the country.
“We not only want to reach those affected by fraud offline, as is the case with OLX, but online clients as well. Our mandate as the ICT Authority is to co-ordinate the ICT sector, establish, develop and maintain secure ICT infrastructure and systems, and to market Kenya as a local and international ICT hub. If Kenyans do not trust online platforms, it is a setback for us,” she continued. The ICT Authority will soon start using digital certificates which will act as digital ID’s for those contracting online. The system is already piloting at Kenya Revenue Authority.
Mr. John Juma, Vice Chairman, COFEK reiterated the Federation’s mandate to work towards a fair, just and safe marketplace for all Kenyan and regional consumers in all sectors of the economy.

“COFEK is committed to consumer protection, education, research, consultancy, litigation, anti-counterfeits campaign and business rating on consumerism and customer-care issues,” he said

The campaign will run for one month and Peter said that OLX has also partnered with KK Security group to cater to users who need assistance, they will also provide a toll free number that the KK Security investigators who will be situated at OLX offices can respond to.

IMG Credit Hapakenya.com