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April Identified as Most Dangerous Month for Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise in recent years, and according to research by NordLocker, April is the most dangerous period for such...

Cybercriminals Are Now Eyeing Passwords and Cloud Vulnerabilities 

Cybercriminals are persistent, sophisticated, and constantly adapting to new technologies. With more companies using cloud services and the growing importance of password security, attacks...

Digital Fraud Hit Kenya’s Gambling and Travel Industries the Hardest

Kenya does not have a good rapport as far as digital fraud is concerned. Multiple industries including banks, microfinance organizations, SACCOs, telcos, and even...

Judgement on the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Law to be Passed Next Year

The judgment on the constitutionality of the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act 2018 will be heard on 30th January 2020 as reported by the Bloggers Association...
National Bank of Kenya

Kenya’s National Bank Loses Millions to Hackers as Bank Downplays Event

It appears that cyber security concerns are not going away, at least not in the near future if happenings in the digital world are...

Kenya’s Computer and Cybercrimes Bill 2016 Gets Approved

The Kenya Computer and Cyber-crimes Bill 2016, which is set to monitor, control and get rid of cyber crimes has been approved.
Kenya Cybercrime

How Well-Versed Are We About Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is common due to keen attention it has received from businesses, organizations and the government. Are we aware the rules that govern us?

New Partnership seeks to tackle Cyber Crime through awareness

  In 2015, New Zealand’s parliament passed the Harmful Digital Communications Bill, setting the ball rolling in dealing with online trolls. The bill seeks to fine...

Kenya Government to boost Cybersecurity efforts with Kshs. 13 Billion Investment

Kenya has in the recent past seen increased internet security threats which range from hacking, to stolen digital identities and even  malicious take down...
kaa ridhoo

Kaa Rithoo Campaign Aims To Create Safety Awareness Among Kenyan Transacting Online

Kenya is a young country when it comes to cyber awareness, with e-commerce quite still in the early stages. And with increased internet connections...

Kenya Defence Forces Twitter account hacked, NETFUND website defaced, Anonymous claims responsibilty

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have for long operated a Twitter account that has been instrumental in communicating important information to the citizenry and the...

Cost of cybercrime on Businesses Keeps Rising as Mobile Devices Create Potential Attack Vector

KnowBe4, an internet security awareness training institution, gives this figure - $113 billion - to losses incurred from cybercrime. A study sponsored by HP...
Blackhat Europe

Context serves up new CANAPE security assessment tool at Black Hat Europe

 ContexIS has been presenting its latest Windows security assessment tool at Black Hat Europe this week in Amsterdam. CANAPE extends the functionality of existing web...
Microsoft sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint and LinkedIn data at risk from Framesniffing Attacks

Context Information Security has highlighted a weakness in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari web browsers that enables remote attackers to steal sensitive information held...

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