Moving Out Sale, The OLX Way

OLX Moving Out

OLX Moving Out
We all at one or many points in life find ourselves moving out of a place we’ve been living for quite sometime. Whether it’s leaving college, getting outt’a your mom’s, getting married or even moving out to another estate for numerous reasons. This is a good time to discover things you had stashed in your archives in the belief that they are valuable, only then do you discover that you never really used them. If you are that archives person who even has that 1950 classic car from two generations ago then I assume you have a compound to keep them.

Otherwise your new place needs a refresh, you know, feel new with new things and a different setting. No need moving in with the oldies that you will then be struggling to find archives for. You know, that old computer that you have not used ever since you purchased a work laptop thinking you’re gonna need it only in the office and it ends up being your main computing device. That home theater you bought at college that still looks teenage and cheap, you need to get rid of that and style your new abode to fit the upgraded you.

You probably had things that don’t match up, like a brown couch that is not complete while your new walls are red, you know how that looks. Gone are the days when you would have to do a yard sale andd sell things cheap because you have limited reach and or probably wouldn’t wish that every Tom, Dick and Harry came in to your house at once.

This is when OLX comes in. Dust things off, get them looking snazzy and take pics. Actually it does feel like a renewal when you drop them like old habits. Take good pictures, we are visual and the first impression quite matters in picking an interest. Sit down and do a good description of the item on sale, when posting it. It would be a good idea to have the app installed on your phone, makes things easier when following up on your account after you’ve made then sale and need to either suspend the item or delete the ad.

Outside of being able to clear old unused items, you also get to raise some much needed cash when moving, you know, you could use that to pay guys to help you clean up when you move in, or if it’s a nice sum you raise, you could always do with some cushion after paying that house deposit. Tell me about your experiences when moving out, what did you discover that needed selling?

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