This OLX User Thought The Service Was A Joke, Now A Staunch Believer

OLX Kenya

OLX KenyaVincent Mutiso is just another Kenyan who happened to see good tidings come his way after just testing a service without really having faith in it’s output. The service happens to be OLX Kenya online classifieds website. Vincent who is from Nairobi, after hearing about OLX went on to see what it’s made of.  He didn’t read much into it and actually thought it was a joke.

OLX has been on TV commercials and billboards with comedian Eric as the face of it, that was where Vincent was coming from. He had never used online properties to sell anything before and this was going to be his first time. He decided to test it and put his phone on sale. Interestingly he got the first call 3 hours after the ad was live.

“I put my advert at around 5 pm and by 8 pm I already had my first caller asking for details of the phone. I sold it the next day,” says Vincent adding that he thereafter put his sister’s phone on sale thereafter.

It is after selling a later time that he got to believe in the service, adding that the fact that he put his sister’s phone on sale means that he would endorse the service to a relative. For the 3 months he has used it, Vincent says he loves the service and is not afraid that he could get defrauded by a con. He adds that he is usually 90% sure that he will get a customer.

From a skeptic to a believer, Vincent even won a tablet in a recent promotion that was geared to have users sell their wares on OLX. He says he uses an Android application to wholly upload the ads which he notes take an average of 3 hours to get approved.