Why Online Classifieds Do It Yourself Are An Advantage Over Others

Cow on sale

Cow on saleTechnology has made possible quit many things, top among them is commerce. It widens the reach we already have with tools available to us mostly for free thanks to social media and other free to use platforms. I will focus on online classifieds and their flexibility in making things easy. When posting an advert on a Newspaper to run for, say a week or till the item you were selling goes, you have limited options should you desire to change the wording or any element of the advert. Same applies to radio and other mainstream means of advertising.

With online classifieds like OLX, you get the flexibility you desire. Though they have their ways of moderation and can’t just publish anything you post, you get so much freedom. What you get instead is an account where you do the posting yourself. You get to choose what photos to upload, your own description passes and you publish and un-publish at will. It doesn’t end there, you know, take an example:

You were selling a pregnant cow and the next day it gives birth while your ad is already running. At OLX, you can always pause the advert, add the fact that they are now two cows and hit publish again, all at your desk or the phone. This includes taking photos and replacing the old ones. You know, you might even be selling a car and slightly later remember you had a carriage for the car and have nothing to do with it after selling the car so you decide to sell it.

You cannot do this with other methods listed above. What I’m saying is that the freedom when advertising your for sale item is unrivaled. Also, should you think again about the advert and decide against it, recalling the advert is still within your reach and some platforms might be quite tricky to get this undone as they work with schedules. Say, if you already booked an ad and the sales team knows they already filled the page, they might not take kindly your request to take down the ad.

You might be forced to have to watch it go live and resort to paying extra for a second advert cancelling the previous one. We don’t know if you end up reaching the people who had already seen the ad to undo the mistake all around.


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