Posting An Advert On OLX Mobile, Here’s What You Need To Know

OLX Android App

OLX Android AppMost Kenyans access the internet on the mobile phone, and the larger number is the one that accessed the internet the first time on the mobile phone. The smartphone is increasingly becoming a main computing device with development in technologies. So it makes perfect sense to have the mobile phone as your main content consumption and light computing work. I  am speaking to this person who currently doesn’t need to go to the cyber cafe to do things we did in year 2005. I will break this into three main points that tells the story of the mobile phone user who wants to sell things online.

You don’t need a computer to post on OLX

Yes, the way the OLX app has been developed, you won’t need to have access to  a computer to sell. Take an example, if you have this furniture store and want to sell the wares online on OLX, you just need a smartphone with a good camera and you are ready to go. The mobile apps will allow you take photos, add description of your wares and submit for approval. It’s actually easier to do it at a mobile phone as the mobility is unrivaled.

If you are in the field and need to snap three photos, describe the product and submit the ad, it’s easier on the mobile phone as you will use the same device. A computer will require a second device to act as a camera, and probably a third for internet connection.

You can use OLX on the the major platforms

Currently you can use OLX on Android, Windows Phone, iTunes, Nokia Store for Series 40 and also web. This gives users on different platforms all the options they need without limiting the devices they use to access the online classifieds service. The experience has been developed to ensure you are able to do all the things you need on either one of them.

The potential buyer is also able to respond via mobile

We are a mobile first market, so you will be sure that high chances are that the person who will respond will be on mobile, so they can hit dial immediately or, as an option, send you an in-mail. Advantage of the mobile user is that they are able to respond immediately on a platform that they can get feedback immediately. Essentially, both the buyer and the seller can afford to be out of town and at a remote place and make the transactions without either one of you needing to go and sit at a desk.


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