This Vet Offers Artficial Insemination On OLX

Artficial Insemination OLX

Artficial Insemination OLX We keep finding new and interesting things every day. OLX is an online classifieds site and thus in the user acquisition there is bound to be sellers of every kind of wares. Most of the users of the platform are consumers to consumers with the ratio of c2c versus b2c being 80/20.

The animals section has some of the most interesting things and you will find rabbit urine and pregnant pigs among the things on sale. I found this interesting listing for Artficial Insemination for cows by a Veterinary doctor in Homa Bay. Of course he does list other things that he has on sale like veterinary services, seeds, animal feeds and agricultural drugs.

But considering that a person with a store-front that looks like it has some level of stable business thought that OLX would be the platform to increase his reach is interesting I must say. Pius Ouko goes on and poses as the model to advertise this service he is well known for in his town Homa Bay, and going by the banner, he does the insemination himself. So should you need to have artficial insemination done for your cows in Homa Bay, this looks like the guy you will need to talk to.

He has his numbers there and even posed so you can be sure that’s the person to expect when you require the services of an artficial inseminator. You will notice that even the agrovet name is not in the fore, telling you that this is about him as the brand. Pius looks like he knows that people looking for strangers to trade with them will be more comfortable if they are sure who they are dealing with prior to engagement, a plus for him on top of having his contacts displayed all over. Should he think of expanding to other towns, he already has his marketing done outside the limits of Homa Bay.