Xtouch Makes A Grand Entry To Kenya With Range Of 8 Mobile Devices

Robert Liang - Xtouch
Robert Liang - Xtouch Managing Director, Africa at the launch
Robert Liang - Xtouch
Robert Liang – Xtouch Managing Director, Africa at the launch

Xtouch made the Kenyan launch on Friday and the entry was characterized by not one or two but 8 devices at lunch in the Kenya market. The launch marks 30 countries within the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region where Xtouch devices are sold and Kenya being the third in the continent after South Africa and Nigeria. Kenya is as usual quite a strategic entry point for the East Africa market and effectively serves the others in the region like Uganda where Xtouch will also be selling. Distribution partners are Redington and Xtouch is also said to retail through all the three main mobile carriers in Kenya.

Xtouch is a company founded two years ago in the middle East trade hub Dubai but manufacturing in Shenzhen, China. The Africa managing director sees quite a lot of potential with this market. “We are proud to be the fastest growing mobile phonebrand in the Middle East and Africa, after being in the market for only two years, we sit in the pedestal of the market,” commented Robert.

Among the devices launched at the event, we have the smartphones Xtouch X3, Xtouch X3 mini and Xtouch Ocean. The Xtouch X3 is the flagship device at 5.5 inch Hexacore with premium specs while the Xtouch X3 mini is a trimmed down device bearing similar design as the Xtouch X3. The Xtouch Ocean is an entry level device with  entry level specifications and design. All smartphones are Dual-SIM and powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Robert the MD said that all are upgradeable to Android 4.4 Kitkat. Something which is quite interesting as you rarely get this from other players in this niche like Tecno and Infinix.

In the tablet range we have Xtouch QF72, Xtouch PF83 and Xtouch PL71 while in the smartwatch category we have two, the Xtouch Xwatch 02 and Xtouch Wave.


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