Samsung’s New Geat Fit Ad Features A Dancer Who Dates Another Dancer

Gear Fit Ad

Gear Fit AdSamsung launched the Gear Fit in February at Mobile World Congress as the second group of wearables together with Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Now these signify the second coming of smart watches from the South Korean company, a field it has managed to lead despite coming in a bit late. Well, I say late because Sony was there earlier on.

Now as usual Samsung publishes their ads on Youtube for all to see and their creative is always in abundance. This new ad features a dancer. Basically a day in their life, and this one is a dancing couple.

gear fit

Samsung shows a busy person’s life, but a person who doesn’t want to miss the important things in life, so they want to do things with ultimate discipline. The morning jog, being in time for the dancing lessons, real-time communication assisted by the smart device and at the end of the day attend that concert. And they don’t forger the water dousing moment with the sprinkler to remind us that it’s waterproof.Gear Fit

Of course since the people involved here are both dancers, it ends with the man surprising the lady at a concert with the guy being the star dancer of the day. Samsung has managed to project the smart watch as being more than a luxury object but a necessary tool to manage personal life for the average middle class. A thing those against smart watches may be against, but altogether a convincing fete especially for those already immersed into the world of convenience that these gadgets present.

Watch the video after the break.


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