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Samsung Android 10 roadmap

Microsoft OneDrive Will Replace Samsung Cloud on Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy devices are slowly becoming Microsoft devices. This could be the end for Samsung's apps that come preinstalled on their Galaxy devices. The...
Gear Fit Ad

Samsung’s New Geat Fit Ad Features A Dancer Who Dates Another Dancer

Samsung launched the Gear Fit in February at Mobile World Congress as the second group of wearables together with Gear 2 and Gear 2...
Samsung Tablets

Apple Tablet Shipments Drop, Samsung Surges as Android Tablets Hit Two Thirds

The battle for market-share doesn't end in smartphones, Apple and Samsung are also neck to neck in the tablets market. And clearly Apple is...
Twitters Cafe In Kenya. Photographed using Galaxy #s4ZoomKe

When Social Media Strips you of Digital Rights

  Many novice photographers (myself included) do not even know that a photo is usually much more than the visual. Behind any photo, and invisible...
AlwaysOn Samsung

A month later, AlwaysON – Samsung Free Wi-Fi deal goes live

A month ago, at Samsung Africa Forum, Samsung and AlwaysON announced a deal where they were to offer all owners of Samsung Wi-Fi aware...

GALAXY S4 ~ Hate it or Love it

….hate it Let’s get straight to the point…those who’ve never had an affinity for the Galaxy Series wouldn’t miraculously get one now especially after Samsung...
AlwaysOn Samsung

Samsung Partners With AlwaysON, offers free Wi-FI to all South Africa Galaxy Devices owners

Samsung has announced the inking of a deal with AlwaysOn, a South African Company that offers Wi-Fi Hotspots in South Africa on a subscription...
Galaxy Discover SGH-S730G

3.5 inch Galaxy Discover to launch without TouchWiz

It's quite odd for Samsung to be marketing "pure Android" in their marketing jargon, they have pushed TouchWiz even to feature phones to show...
samsung galaxy s advance

Samsung Galaxy S Advance coming to Safaricom this month

Samsung's Galaxy S Advance is coming to Safaricom in the course of this month. Galaxy Advance is a 4 inch Android 2.3 Gingerbread device...
Galaxy Note II image

Alas! Something we can believe, Samsung Galaxy Note II image

It wasnt going to take long before we got the right image floating the internets. Here it is, and it's cute. It is almost...
Galaxy Pocket

The cat is officially out of the bag, curtains drawn for Galaxy Pocket [UPDATED]

Its another Era, you can tell by the air in the smartphones world. The barrier to entry for a reliable smartphones have been lowered...