Galaxy 11: Samsung’s carefully crafted new marketing campaign featuring ‘aliens’ and Lionel Messi


If you are a football fan like yours truly then you’ve obviously been dumbstruck by the mysterious alien-like mean looking 11 men that have graced matches at the Stamford Bridge (Chelsea v Manchester City), Allianz Arena (Bayern Munich v Hertha Berlin) and at the Juventus Stadium (Juventus v Genoa) over the last weekend of October.
After their appearances, little was known about them. Then the same occult-like symbol emblazoned on their robes accompanied by the same hashtag that had been appearing on their banners showed up at the New York Times Square. This set up the stage for an overwhelming media frenzy with every sports journalist and bloggers losing their heads.

Many credible media sources even went as far as stating that this was the work of a dominant cult whose members had decided to go public in a big way.

Of course you would not want to read all the silly comments that followed such articles. From being mistaken for halloween stunts to being referred to as aliens, the 11 mysterious robbed men are part of an elaborate new marketing campaign by Samsung that is to be unveiled in the next few days that will be called the Galaxy 11.

Juventus vs. Genoa

Galaxy 11 is a challenge that will comprise of 11 football players that will be tasked with saving the planet from an imminent attack by aliens through their glory in football. Germany football legend Franz Beckenbauer will be the head coach of the said team while Barcelona star and four time FIFA World Player of the Year winner Lionel Messi will be the skipper.

The other 10 players are yet to be unveiled but you can be sure they are notable players. Messi was announced as captain through this video:

For those who had all sorts of conspiracy theories about the mysterious 11 robbed men you can relax. The three venues that the men showed up at are the home grounds of those teams and the teams (Chelsea, Juventus and Bayern Munich) have long standing commercial dealings with Samsung Electronics so it is nothing new.

The Galaxy 11 campaign is aimed at promoting Samsung products in a brand new way. For instance Messi gets to show off the Galaxy Note 3 in one of the Galaxy 11 videos. This is not the first time we are seeing the Argentina football player star in Samsung’s marketing clips as we already saw him in a previous Galaxy Note 3 ad.

Messi - to fight 'aliens' with the help of his football skills and Galaxy devices like the Note 3
Messi – to fight ‘aliens’ with the help of his football skills and Galaxy devices like the Note 3

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