Facebook’s Snapchat competitor Slingshot finally available to everyone


Slingshot has been around for a while (yes a week is a long time in tech) but only available to users in the United States. Today, it is available for everyone else outside the US.


Slinngshot is seen by many as Facebook’s answer to Snapchat. It is public knowledge that the social networking giant has been envious of the Snapchat team and has at some point even mulled acquiring it like it did with Instagram and Whatsapp, other competing apps now in its fold. That has never happened and so Slingshot came about.

What sets Slingshot apart is that it allows you to view an image or video sent to you only after you reply with another image or photo. After that the photo or video self destructs, Snapchat style. Of course you know how handy screenshots are right? You may want to keep those explicit selfies to yourself. It one-ups Snapchat by having a much requested feature among Snapchat users that has never been implemented to date, ability to send a photo or video to a group of friends.

The reason why Snapchat is popular is the smartphone-totting teenage population. Facebook wants a share of this too.

I’m not interested in Slingshot so if you have a thing for it or simply want to try it out, the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store should be your first port of call after reading this.




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