Microsoft Plays Catch Up, To Bring Tile Folders to Windows Phone 8.1

Lumia 1520 Kenya

Lumia 1520 KenyaMicrosoft has been hard at work getting Windows Phone, the platform to be up-to expectations by users in other advanced platforms like iOS and Android. These are the people they are trying to woo onto the platform, of course plus those coming in to the smartphone world. Part of the things they are doing it ensure that the top apps available on the other two platforms come on board the Windows Ship.

It’s an ongoing task that also includes OS overhaul every once in a while to get users love the platform. One of the features that has been available on iOS and Android natively is ability to group apps in folders, thus essentially making it easy to search and also reducing screen space use while at it.

Now it seems Microsoft has it figured out and is going to get ability to group apps in folders in an update coming. This is apparently going to be an update on top of Windows Phone 8.1 which was announced in April as this is not yet available in the developer preview. Windows Phone 8.1 is not far off and should be available for download in the next few weeks, possibly within this month. This was posted by Microsoft in the support site.  The page has since been removed but this is available in a Google Webcache and you can see the steps to set it up, you know, drag and drop of an app over another to result in an editable folder for the two.

via The Verge