Samsung’s World Cup Low as Factory Robbed of Electronics Worth $36 Million

Samsung tablets

Samsung tabletsSeven trucks full of Samsung eletronics made their way out of the Samsung factory in Brazilian city of Campinas, Sao Paulo. This is after a gunpoint robbery that happened in the night of Monday, 7th July.

ZDNet reports that 20 men came in sometime just after midnight at the factory which operates 24 hours and held Samsung employees hostage to successfully execute the robbery. In the three hour event, no one was hurt but they did hold employees hostage while they committed the crime and there were those who were allowed to go on with their job but their phones had their batteries removed. I never thought there would be a time removable battery would have been a negative, but who knows, maybe they’d have opted to take the phones altogether were they uni-body and posed a threat to the thieves.

Electronics stolen range from laptops, tablets and smartphone which are estimated to amount to 36 million USD. This low point while the rest of the worl d in Brazil is in a festive mood in the last days of the world cup. Of course there is insurance and police here but obviously a set back here, what would be a curious case is if there was any new unreleased products that would pose information problems for Samsung among the stolen.

LG faced a theft sometime late last year of a whole truck of LG G2 smartphones being jacked but at least that was recovered intact.

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