BBM for Windows Phone in Private Beta, going public soon



Back in February we brought you news that Blackberry was preparing to bring its popular chat client, Blackberry Messenger, to the Windows Phone masses. That announcement was of course made at the sidelines of a Nokia event where we had also heard that Facebook would be bringing its own Messenger application to the Windows Phone Store. Facebook complied a month later. Blackberry? Looks like it will be doing that very soon.

The BBM Beta app is already live on the Windows Phone Store though you may not be able to immediately install it for your testing pleasure. It will soon be available as a public beta so keep your fingers crossed.

Blackberry had earlier promised to have the BBM app on Windows Phone devices by this month so it is likely we may it soon and since Windows Phone’s marketshare is not as large as that of iOS and Android, we are unlikely to witness the same issues that plagued the app’s arrival on those two platforms and made the initial rollout plans to be postponed for at least two months.

BBM’s availability on Windows Phone will now make it a fully cross-platform messaging application and with Messenger being central to Blackberry’s future plans as it aggressively pushes services like BBM Protected as part of its eBBM Suite rollout to its enterprise clients, it is not hard to see where the company wants to go with this.

Will Blackberry Messenger on Windows Phone turn out to be as popular as it was on Android and iOS when it debuted on those platforms late last year?


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