First Generation Nokia X Gets Update; Brings App Switching Among Others

Nokia X Homescreen Switch

Nokia X Homescreen SwitchMicrosoft Mobile (or what you have for the longest time known as Nokia) today announced the update for first generation Nokia X platform devices. These are Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. The three devices run Nokia X platform version one and due to hardware difference from newer Nokia X2, won’t be getting the full update. Microsoft was yet to let us in on what exactly comes to the Nokia X, till now.

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Below is the list of the features that come to the Nokia X:

App Switching- this I’d say is the most important of all, the fact that you can now switch from app to app without actually closing it is a step forwards towards civilization. This is accessed by swiping down and at the notifications area you tap on the app switcher icon. This reveals an app switcher like the one on Windows Phone and you can move from app to app or close them by tapping on the x icon below each app.

  • and OneNote come pre-installed
  • app supports multiple accounts, with push notifications support and calendar/contact syncing. The Outlook app update is available immediately. Oh! And with OneNote app you can sync up-to 500 notes from your OneNote account.
  • Nokia Store promises integration meaning you will be searching from Nokia Store and other third party stores in the same search. Kinda makes things easier.
  • There is a new widget for app discovery that will be located on the home-screen that highlights some apps and download is instant, a click away.

Now onto the misses I feel should have been there:

  • I don’t see what hardware factors prevent the Nokia X from getting a third homescreen like the Nokia X2, that wasn’t mentioned by Microsoft as to be coming. The home button sure doesn’t prevent that and the one I thought would be a hard fix is multitasking which, as listed above here is solved by a swipe down and an icon in the notifications area.
  • Another one, though not quite bad, is a notifications are that will still not function as a notifications area. Reason being the notifications show up in real-time yes, but are not actionable and you have to swipe into fastlane to get things going.

Now the updates start rolling out immediately according to Microsoft Mobile, a quick check on the Nokia X shows we are yet to get it. The update is an over the air one so you should see an update notification or else you can go to settings > About Phone > System Updates > Check now to manually check for the update. Tell us when you get the update and what you think of it.