Asus Hints At Wearables, A Smartwatch Launch At IFA

Asus wearable IFA

Asus wearable IFARumours of Asus going into wearables have been rife, looks like we have a confirmation. For some time now it has been reported that Asus is expected to launch one of the cheapest smartwatches at IFA in Berlin. They now have a date and something we can work with.

Asus has teased an image with an outline of a smartwatch on Twitter with a caption saying:

“Time has been transformed, and we have changed”

The image shows an outline that one can clearly make out to be a watch with a September 3rd date for launch.

September 3rd is the same day Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 4 and is also expected to launch the Gear Solo autonomous smartwatch. Let me remind you that IFA Berlin 2013 is the place where Samsung ventured into their first smartwatch, milestone that changed the smartwatch landscape. This made the smartwatch change to a very niche product to one that you can see in use by the average Joe.

We’ll see what Asus has for us in two weeks and update you on the same, or should there pop up something new we’ll be on it.