Microsoft Starts Selling Entry Level Nokia 130 In Kenya

Nokia 130

Nokia 130Microsoft, in a way to show that they are still in the game of entry level mobile phones after leaving people confused over where they stand in matters entry level market, they introduced the Nokia 130 sometime in early August. This also came after some clarification that they were still serving the entry level market where there is still billions of people yet to actually own a mobile phone, leave alone upgrade.

Nokia 130 is that phone that has a specs sheet and price point in the bare minimum. It even doesn’t have a browser and internet capabilities. The selling points here are the battery life, music player and expandable storage. The phone, according to Microsoft can do upto 36 days of standby (single SIM variant, dual-SIM does 26 days) thus effectively good for people off the electricity grid or those in need of a backup phone they can rely on when the smartphone goes out of charge. On music playback it can do 46 hours, 16 hours on video playback and 13 hours 2G talktime.

It has on it expandable storage to 32GB where users can store songs and videos can be stored and a music player to accompany it’s music skills. Also added is a flashlight, something that would be quite handy for that entry level mobile phone user who might again be off the electricity grid. Other specs include a 1.8 inch QQVGA colour display, 1020mAh battery, USB 2.0, micro-USB charging, 3.5mm AV connector and Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM.

The dumb phone sells at Kshs 2500 (USD 28) and is available in only black colour.