Indonesian Startup Rivaling Google Play In Local Market Successfully

Oomph Android store

Oomph Android storeYou do not easily rival big guys like Google in their own game, that doesn’t happen on the average day, unless it’s in China where they have the opposite of the upper hand. But this startup in Indonesia believes it can disrupt what Google has set up globally with astounding levels of success, and make it big. OOMPH is an Android app store in Indonesia specifically for the Indonesian market.

Indonesia is quite a huge market with over 250 million, to give you perspective, the US population is at 316 million as at 2013 census. Now think what impact this has over business in a place you can consider one borderless market. Add the fact that over 50% of the population has smartphones with projections of 132 million by 2017 using smartphones by Statista.

This is the market Stanley Tan from Indonesia, the proprietor of the Android App Store Oomph is targeting, and he already has over 4.5 million registered users with over 10,000 sign-ups daily. Oomph has big names on board like EA Games, SEGA, Polytron andBaidu among others who comprise the apps on board the store. Oomph’s edge over Google play is that it supports carrier billing where users pay using prepay mobile credit.

In the report by TechinAsia, Oomph hasn’t shared the number of apps available on the store but says that Oomph has a daily active userbase of 5%, 48% monthly and 78% quarterly. Can it disrupt the market? Probably yes, developers eyeing the probably over 70 million population accessing the store and the ability to get paid downloads working for that market definitely would look at this as something to give a serous thought for.

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