GITEX 2014: Surface Pro 3 Is Lapable – Faith Murray, Microsoft Gulf

Faith Murray, Microsoft

Faith Murray, Microsoft At an interview with TV hots and entertainer Adrienne Hughes during the ongoing GITEX 2014 Conference, Faith Murray who is Microsoft Business Group Lead for Windows in the Gulf region proudly flaunted the Surface Pro 3 which Microsoft positions as the rival to the portable light PCs like the Macbook Air.

Faith Murray was quite eager to show the capabilities of the Surface Pro 3 especially for business in the region. Microsoft is already selling the tablet in UAE and Qatar but only for business purchases, so individual consumers won’t be able to walk in to a shop and buy it, unless it’s a company purchase. Moving on, the lady at the interview mentioned how the Surface Pro came in at the centre of the Mobile first cloud first positioning of Microsoft products.

“Mobile first and cloud first is really about being connected always and being able to access files, documents and work on the go, and all these devices will enable you to do just that. It’s about how connected these devices are, in terms of storage, syncing of files and ease of working,” said Faith.

She added that the Surface Pro 3 is fantastic in the lapability (a word coined by Microsoft by the way) test and she even demonstrated how you could work with the device on your lap without struggling. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 was announced earlier in the year and is able to give a user angles of 0 to 150 degrees with the kickstand in the back and with the snap on keyboard you can do quite much.

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Faith mentioned that you can also use the pen to do quite much on the tablet increasing the potential for productivity in business, adding that the pen is actually very light and writing with it on the screen also adds functionality not seen before on conventional laptops. The device can indeed become a daily driver and combined with Office 365 and OneDrive ensure you can start working on a document on your office PC and go on with it on your Surface Pro 3 like you never left. Surface Pro 3

I took the Surface Pro 3 for a test drive at the Microsoft stand and indeed it’s a device to marvel at, the potential is limitless, that is if you ignore the hefty price tag. It does need some getting used to if you came for the much spaced out keyboard that the conventional laptop possesses, but that aside it is light, hardworking and actually is a full PC if you look at it that way.